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10 Fantastic Wall Art Ideas for the Kitchen

Wall art used to be reserved for living spaces like a living room, a dining area, bedrooms and hallways.  But the kitchen has always been one of the best places to gossip, share stories and to spend some quality time with those you love.  The kitchen is also one of the best looking rooms in a house so why should it be plain?  Wall art in the kitchen is incredibly popular right now and there are plenty of wonderful ideas you can use to spice up your kitchen.

10 Fantastic Wall Art Ideas for the Kitchen

  1. Classic wall art

If you don’t like switching things up regularly or like to invest in things that will last a very long time then you can definitely consider classic wall art ideas.  Classic wall art is art that won’t go out of style that will always match any kitchen style you have and that suits any basic kitchen color.  Retro signboards, quotes and mounted antiques are a few examples of classic wall art that will never grow old.

  1. Signage

The kitchen is the perfect place to implement some signage.  Popular sign worlds like ‘Eat’, ‘coffee bar’ and ‘time for tea’ all will look superb in your kitchen.

  1. Wall stickers

Wall stickers are superb for spicing up a plain wall.  You could consider depictive stickers that match your kitchen theme, invest in a good quote or get huge silhouettes of cooking utensils to bring out that kitchen vibe.

  1. Themed art

A lot of people love to decorate their kitchens with a particular theme.  Some of the most popular themes to consider are the rooster theme, the chef theme, coffee themes, retro themes and more.  This form of wall art involves collecting various wall artworks that match that particular genre.


A huge quote on the kitchen wall is always a good idea to inspire and to create a great look.

  1. Wood cutouts

Wood cutouts like bird silhouettes, tree silhouettes and more all can be a terrific look for your kitchen especially if you can mount the wood cutout in front of a bulb for an interesting light effect.

  1. Upcycled art

Upcycling is incredibly popular right now and it can be fun to transform something old in your home into something useful.  For upcycled wall art you can use antiques, broken things or just about any odd and loose thing with an interesting appeal.

  1. Neon signage

Think that neon signage is only for restaurants?  Think again.  A neon kitchen sign or bar sign can look fantastic in your kitchen as well.

  1. Canvas paintings

Canvas paintings are usually reserved for the dining area but can be terrific in the kitchen if you have the right idea.  If your kitchen needs a bit of color then you can definitely consider a good and large canvas painting.

  1. Collage wall

If you have a lot of collectibles, photos and odd things then you can always convert them into a collage wall.  Collage walls are interesting and easy to make yourself.