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Are You A Baker? You Can Run These Side Businesses With Your Bakery!

As a baker, opening your own bakery is quite an achievement. Now you have brought this goal of yours to fruition and it is time to set new goals. Successful are those who don’t stop dreaming. You should stick to your main profession but you still can do a lot more. There are businesses you can start with almost no cash. The best thing is; these kinds of work can easily be run with your main business.

Are You A Baker? You Can Run These Side Businesses With Your Bakery!

Are You A Baker? You Can Run These Side Businesses With Your Bakery!

What are these businesses? Read on to know!


Blogging is benefitting lots of people from almost every field. You are already a baker and that is a plus point for you. You can start your baking blog that your regular customer can follow. When you already have customers, it wouldn’t be that difficult to bring traffic to your blog. Share your recipes there and your working experience as a baker. You can earn money through affiliate marketing and ads.

Moreover, viewers can help you improve by giving suggestions and leaving comments. You would be killing 2 birds with one stone. You will be earning money as well as managing content for your bakery.

YouTube videos:

This is unlikely this you haven’t watched videos on YouTube. This is one of the most visited websites in this world and millions of users watch videos on it every day. You can initiate your own YouTube channel, that too about baking.

Just open YouTube and search for some baker, you will come to know that thousands of people actually come there to know about things. Again, running a bakery would be in your favor. Ask your customers to subscribe on your channel and let them the secret of your yummy bakery items.

You will be earning money with ads. Paid sponsorship is another way you can earn money. However, your videos should be worth seeing.

Give Baking classes:

Baking is your passion and so is of many others like you. You can start your training services where you make people learn tactics of baking and best of your recipes. You can make room somewhere in your bakery or, if your finances allow, get someplace on rent. Even a small place can work for a starter. The quality of audio should also be clear.


You might already be doing it at your home. You can easily turn it into the business by growing fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and selling them. Markets are already full of artificial and unhealthy stuff. People sometimes need farm fresh vegetables and fruits that you will be providing them. Additionally, you would be enjoying all this for yourself too.

Or, you can make a certain vegetable your focus and specialty such as broccoli. Broccoli is also a cure for many diseases such as cancer prevention. It contains high fiber content that is really good for digestion. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and also improves bones health.

You don’t have to a pro in gardening to grow broccoli. Green Thumb Gardner can help you with this.  It is really easy that you can grow it in the fall months and spring. You only need four things to grow it; broccoli seeds, fertilizer, seedling trays, and container. The place where you are growing it should have full exposure to the sun.

Never grow tomatoes, pole beans, and strawberries with broccoli. These are not a good companion. You can grow rosemary, beets, onion, potatoes, sage, peppermint, and chamomile. You will find the detailed guide on the green thumb.