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Best Deep Fried Foods

It is already a known fact that anything that is deep fried is sure to be tasty but as much as you want to eat deep fried food products all the time, you should try to limit your intake so that you can try to stay healthy.

It is okay to give in to your wants and desires from time to time. As long as you would moderate your food intake then you can enjoy being healthy and loving deep fried food at the same time. Moderation is also what Mark Dubowitz does whenever he talks about the various issues that are happening to this world at present time. He presents the facts the way that he understands it. He makes sure that people are aware of the details that surround a particular situation or event.

Best Deep Fried Foods

Here are some of the deep fried food products that you would want to taste or eat again:

  • Ice Cream

You probably never thought that there would come a time when ice cream can actually deep fried but apparently, as long as you wrap the ice cream in a material that will help it stay safe while you are deep frying then you can enjoy it the moment that you take your first bite. You may need to have a spoon and a plate ready when you eat it though as the ice cream sure is melted on the inside.

  • Cookie Dough

The cookie dough does not only belong inside the oven. This can be particularly helpful if there is something wrong with your oven or you want to eat your cookies without having to wait for more than 20 minutes or so. Make sure that the temperature of the oil is right so that you will not overcook your cookie dough and you will be treated to cookie gooey goodness.

  • Bacon

Pan frying your bacon is different from deep frying it and if you have never tasted crunchy bacon before then you will most likely taste it now once you start deep frying those thick and big slabs of bacon that you have been keeping in your freezer for a long time.

  • Lasagna

A lot of people like the lasagna not only because it is easy to create but also because it is easy to appreciate because of the various flavors that you will taste in your mouth. Make your lasagna taste even better by deep frying it. Cut into normal sized pieces that can fit into your deep fryer and you will be surprised with the infusion of flavors you will treat your mouth to.

  • Green Tomatoes

There are a lot of people who are scared to try this out mainly because green tomatoes may not be considered as people as “ideal” frying food but as long as you would perfect the breading that you will wrap around the green tomato and you will fry it perfectly, people will be requesting that you make it more often.

There are still a lot of other fried food products that you can check here. Among the ones mentioned above though, which one are you most excited to try?