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Best Ways to Preserve Food Without Using Chemicals

Knowing the tricks to store different foodstuff can make the life easier and healthier for you. If you are a cooking fanatic, you would like to treat the ingredients correctly. Preserving is helpful when you have a bounty of produce in a particular season. This way you can prevent food from being a waste. Likewise, you can store the leftovers and keep them as fresh. There are some excellent food storage ways that you can practice in your kitchen.

Best Ways to Preserve Food Without Using Chemicals

Best Ways to Preserve Food Without Using Chemicals

In this article, you will find different ways to prevent your favorite foodstuff from spoiling:


This is one of the oldest preservation methods. Folks from old ages used natural means to absorb moisture from the food to be stored. This technique is in practice even these days in many areas such as Italy is popular for drying tomatoes by using only the rays of the sun. To dry herbs, fruits and vegetables, keep them in the sunny spots where there is no humidity. This is practical only in dry and warm climates. This is an old method but there is also a modern means where foods are dried with the electric dehydrating machine.


This method falls into the category of drying. The only difference is that salt is used to dry out the moisture from the products like meat and fish. This can also work for vegetables. 20% salt concentration is perfect for preserving meats and vegetables. Some people find it better than canned and frozen foods.


Ingredients you need for pickling are salt and acid in addition to the product you want to store. Items are stored by soaking them in a brine with salt. After they pickle for a required time, you transfer them to a separate jar with vinegar. Many folks try pickling, as it doesn’t alter the texture. Also, the produce gets a better level of vitamin B6 in the pickled vegetables.


Canning is an old technique of preserving food, developed by s French chemist. This method is popular for fruits, vegetables, and meat. Pressure canners have made this method even easier. Through pressure canning, the items are dealt with sterilization at a minimum of 240°F for the required quantity. Pressure canner now comes with advanced features but it is not really as complicated as it might seem.

You should be mindful of the features and quality of the pressure canner you have picked. It is important to choose the right product to make the storing process as effective as it should be. A good quality item would have warp resistant construction and robust material. As far as the cost is concerned, going for the cheapest one is not wise. Always put the quality first. Moreover, a good airtight seal is one essential feature you pressure canner should have. Capacity and warranty should also be on the list of factors you are supposed to consider before making a purchase.

You would also have the availability of electric pressure canners. Picking electric one or the other canner depends on your requirements. To get more details on canners, take a tour to yourcookingzone.com.


Almost everyone is aware of this method and most people prefer freezing to store food, although other methods are more effective. Things change their texture after going through the freezing process particularly fruits and vegetables. However, meats are good to go.

An excellent way to freeze the fruits or vegetables is doing it in batches.