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Can Counseling Save Married Cake Lovers from Divorce?

The rate of divorce is very high because many couples don’t seek counseling. Marriage, unlike dating is much deeper, and there is so much involved. When you start living with someone, you notice there is so much about the other person that you had no idea about. Sometimes, you may notice the other side of your partner which you may not be comfortable about. Rather than proceed with divorce, which should be like the last option, it is good to seek therapy. Some of the reasons why couples should seek therapy includes: 

A different perspective 

Can Counseling Save Married Cake Lovers from Divorce?

A therapist is trained to do the job and they will view the situation from a different perspective that you may have not anticipated. A counselor will invest in studying your personality and backgrounds to understand why you do what you do. They can thus suggest a solution based on the facts and your differences. 

Objective advice 

When you seek counseling from people who already know you, most of the time their advice will have some bias. With a counselor however, it is likely that the advice will be objective and without any bias since they don’t know any of you and don’t have a particular preference. 


The problem with people that you already know is that you cannot be confident with them about some issues since they may spill the beans all over. With a counselor however, they are obliged to keep everything confidential. The best part is that they don’t even know people in your circle hence there is no way that they will spread the news. 

Practical solutions 

For therapy, it is something that you have invested into and most of the time it is not in vain. Many people who have invested in therapists have testimonies. Therapists are professionally qualified and thus may give you tips and tools of applying in different situations. That will help you not only deal with your current issues, but also issues in future. They can give you what they know will work out from their experience. 

Deeper understanding of your partner 

It is said that everyone that you interact with, there is a side of them that you have no idea about. Going for therapy can help reveal the other side of your partner that may take long to discover. Since therapists have studied personalities and behavior, they can help you understand deeper the other side of your partner. 

Deal with any loose ties 

Most of the time if a problem is not solved, it piles up. Many unresolved issues pile up and with time may explode. Through therapy, you can uncover all issues even from the past and that can bring healing. Once there is forgiveness and healing, there is peace and thus love. A therapist can also give you conflict resolution strategies that you can use depending on your different personalities. A therapist can help fix your foundation for a better future together.  

Therapy is very important and that is why there are currently many therapy centers such as playa vista therapy. It is totally worth checking them out.