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Choosing The Right Cooktop for Your Needs

A cooktop is the heart of any kitchen and has a big influence on your cooking experience. Unfortunately it is hard to point out what exactly is the best as everyone has different needs. Since everyone has different needs, it is important to define your needs so that you may be able to know what to look out for and hat will work out for you. There are different types of cooktop and they include:

Choosing The Right Cooktop for Your Needs

Gas cooktops

This is the most common type of cooktop since most people believe it is the most convenient. If you have piped gas in your home it is even more convenient. It is however not a very viable option if you don’t have piped gas in your home as it may be an expensive option. Some of the advantages of gas include: it allows easy control of temperature; it is cheaper as compared to electricity and is reliable. Gas cooktops are however not very cheap when you want to purchase them as most of the time you will find the cheap one’s going for about $800.

Ceramic cooktops

Ceramic cooktops are growing in popularity in the recent past. They are normally relatively cheaper as compared to gas cooktops and do not need you to install any other sources of heat in the home. They are normally flat but ha heating element beneath the glass. Their growing popularity is due to the cheaper than other cooktops are easy clean and are safe. As much most of the ceramic cooktops are simply made, there are those with more features and you can get the high end types that are expensive.

Conventional coil cooktops

They are the least used kind of cooktops since they are the most dangerous cooktops in the home. The fact that they have exposed burners makes them very dangerous. The good side however is that because the burners are exposed they can always be replaced when they go bad as compared to replacing the whole cooktop. Apart from being dangerous, induction cooktops easily get tired and are outdated. They are also hard to control temperature. They are however relatively cheaper as compared to other cooktops.

Induction Cooktops

Most of the time induction cooktops are confused with electric cooktops since they have the same look. Unlike electric cooktops that use electricity, induction cooktops use electromagnetic field which make them heat up quickly. They are also more expensive as compared to electric cooktops. They are also easier to clean and safe as compared to other cooktops.

Since you already know of the different types of cooktops available, it is easier to make a purchase. Your choice will however be defined by your budget. If your budget is low then you will be forced to go for the cheaper cooktops such as ceramic or induction types. The kind of space you have will also influence the best type of cooktop. Before making a purchase it is important to read cooktop reviews to be able to make an informed choice.