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Clean Smoker’s Tips for Bakers and Bakeries

Bakeries, diners, cafes, and restaurants all face plenty of challenges with regards to health and safety regulations.  Consumable products are not something to be messed with because if a food safety risk is linked to your company then you could be held responsible for all costs associated with these types of incidents.

One of the most challenging issues in the food industry is smoking.  As a bakery, you welcome smokers and non-smokers alike because they are all valuable customers but you also need to create health safe environments for all of these customers.

Clean Smoker’s Tips for Bakers and Bakeries

Clean Smoker’s Tips for Bakers and Bakeries

Here are a few great tips for creating a clean and fair environment for all of your customers and for yourself even though you might be a smoker.

Create Smokers Areas

It is important for you to have smokers sitting and dining areas at your bakery.  Smoker’s areas are great for those who want to enjoy a smoke with their lunch and for those who prefer to sit outside.  By creating a smokers area you also keep those bad smells out of your bakery so your foods won’t end up smelling like tobacco.

Invest In a Vape Pen

Are you a smoker?  Then you defiantly need to visit thevapeshopla.com right now and buy a vape pen.  Vaporizers are perfect for busy bakers who have to tend to all the needs of their customers.  These devices are electronic and allow you to enjoy a quick smoke break at any given moment.  You can puff your vape a few times between rushed orders without any of the waste you normally would have with cigarettes that you have to waste whenever you are in a rush.  Vaporizers are also much healthier since they don’t contain all the toxins that normal cigarettes do and they can actually improve the aroma of your cake shop since these pens can be loaded with a wide range of fragranced oils and nicotine salts.  It also is a much cleaner smoking habit since there is no ash or buds left behind after you smoke.

Create Vape Pen Awareness

While you are setting up your smokers area you might as well create a bit of awareness on these handy, healthier and cleaner smoking devices.  Add a few posters and pamphlets so your smoking customers can learn about the benefits of vape pens.

Invest In Lots of Live Plants

Live plants are a good investment whether your smoker’s area is located inside or outside of the building. Live plants absorb toxins, impurities, and carbon dioxide from the air and create oxygen.  They freshen the air and reduce those bad tobacco aromas.

Adopt Better Cleaning Methods

Don’t sweep or dust smokers areas.  The ash will only resurface and can smell even worse over time.  Vacuum and mop your smokers area and use a damp cloth to wipe down all surfaces instead of dusting.  These cleaning methods will reduce ash in the area and when you mix in a good fragrance with your cleaning solution you will also freshen up the entire area at the same time.