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Fishcakes for Your Culinary Pleasure

The fisherman in your life undoubtedly accosts you with various fish with which to create some sort of delicacy. And though we are all familiar with fried and smoked and broiled versions, they do get a bit old. So, when your beloved fisherman decides to try some new fishing experience, it is only fitting that you learn about fishcakes for your culinary pleasure (and his).

Whether he is going to try Playa del Carmen fly fishing or ice fishing, there is going to be some sort of cooking required. So, don’t be too scared to send him off to Cozumel where he can venture somewhere near the Mayan Rivera coast for some incredible fly fishing. Instead, spend a little time with us as we learn all there is to know about fishcakes that will make his catch worth the eat.

Fishcakes for Your Culinary Pleasure

Fishcakes for Your Culinary Pleasure

What in the World is a Fishcake?

If you have visions of fish shaped confections you would be sorely mistaken, and possibly disappointed. Of course, using your beloved fisherman’s catch to make one of those would be all the more disappointing we imagine. No, fishcakes are traditionally made of a mix of codfish, eggs, and mashed potatoes. But from whence did they come?

A publication out of Boston, The American Frugal Housewife (learn more), first included a recipe for this strange combination back in 1833. At the time, they were called fish balls and people generally ate them at breakfast time. It was a New Englanders concept, but they were apparently not the only people who felt the food was worthy of continued existence. We can say, that those in Nova Scotia preferred them with an addition of onions though.

You might be surprised to note that this wasn’t a meal that was only associated with frugal housewife meals. In fact, there were a good deal of upscale restaurants that included the recipe on their menus. Believe it or not, they were even putting it on at the Ritz! And there were a great deal of arguments over whose fish balls were the most delicious.

Though we’re not sure how the fish balls morphed into fishcakes, we do know that they are just as popular now as they were over a hundred years ago. There are so many fishcake recipes available you would be hard pressed not to find one your dear fisherman would love. Here are some great examples.

A Unique Spin on an Old Favorite

A self-proclaimed “everyman” recently reinvented the fishcake. He has a unique spin on an old favorite. His fishcakes incorporate striped bass because he’d discovered quite the knack for snagging them. But, since they don’t freeze well, he realized they were something he’d have to cook up pretty quickly to enjoy them to the fullest of their potential. And, since fishcakes can be frozen and are apparently decent leftovers, he found his inspiration.

His recipe adds Old Bay, 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, and fresh dill from the garden when it’s available. There’s also breadcrumbs, scallion, shallot, parsley, mayo, cayenne, salt, and lemon juice. And, as long as you’re catching your own fish for the recipe it makes for a fairly inexpensive meal. Though he admits it is often challenging to have enough leftovers to freeze. But, if you really want to know more about how to make his fishcakes, here’s the link.