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Follow these great tips to enhance your tanning bed experience

When you are coming out of the months of winter and the spring, your skin will more than likely be as pale as a ghost following many months of getting little to no sun. With the summer approaching, you want to be looking fresh and have a great colour to your skin. This is why many people decide to use alternative methods in order to get a great tan in advance of the sunbathing months.

There are a few different options in which you can choose from when it comes to getting a tan. Some people like to use tanning beds, while others prefer fake tan lotions or spray tan services. If you decide to go with the tanning bed option, there are a few things you need to take into consideration in advance.

When it comes to using tanning beds, there are many pros and cons that you need to take into consideration. Perhaps the most meaningful of the drawbacks is the increased chance of getting skin cancer that is associated with prolonged use of tanning beds. If you decide to still go ahead with using tanning beds, there are some tips that you need to consider.

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Without further ado, here are some handy tips that you should keep in mind when having your next tanning bed session.

Follow these great tips to enhance your tanning bed experience

What sort of clothing you should be wearing

When it comes to using a tanning bed, the best way to dress is to not dress at all. Tanning naked is always the best option for you. Some people may not feel comfortable being completely naked for a few different reasons. The main reason being that they don’t like the idea of lying naked somewhere where many others have also done so in the past.

This is despite the fact that a reputable tanning salon will ensure that every bed is thoroughly cleaned after each use and is completely sterile. If you don’t wish to be naked, you can wear a bathing suit, but don’t forget that you will have tanning lines as a result of this.

Make sure that you have the right intensity tanning bed and you spend the right amount of time in it

When you are just starting out using tanning beds, it can be hard to know what type of intensity tanning bed you should be using and for how long you should be spending in the bed itself. This is often achieved through trial and error; gradually building it up until you reach an optimal level.

Especially if you have pale skin that is prone to burning while you are out in the sun, you will want to start out at the lowest intensity and only spend a maximum of five minutes in the tanning bed. Each session you can gradually build up this time spent until you reach an optimal intensity and duration.