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Get a Frozen Yoghurt Maker for a Healthy Takeaway Bar

A health takeaway section is a must to any food store because you can earn a lot more income and your clients will absolutely adore the yummy and delicious snacks that they can enjoy on the go.  One of the best health foods to add to your takeaway section is frozen yoghurt because you can create a great variety of delicious dishes and snacks that anyone will welcome on a hot summer morning.  A frozen yoghurt section can be a great addition to any type of food store because it adds that little extra to your products and to your income and it lures in so many more customers.

Start off with a small frozen yoghurt maker

There are a great many different frozen yoghurt machines on the market and they all have one three things in common.  They create fantastic quality frozen yoghurt, they are incredibly easy to use and they take up little space in your shop.  With some of these frozen yoghurt makers you can create yummy frozen yoghurt or perhaps even ice cream in less than 30 minutes.  Frozen yoghurt makers are also incredibly easy to clean and you can use them as many times throughout the day as you like since they are incredibly durable.

Get a Frozen Yoghurt Maker for a Healthy Takeaway Bar

Top health foods to add to your health takeaway section

Frozen yoghurt – This yummy snack is at the top of the list because the yoghurt machines are incredibly easy to use and there are few things as tasty as frozen yoghurt on a hot day.  You can also use your frozen yogurt in a great variety of snacks such as tubs, cones, waffles, bark, bites, pops or breakfast smoothies.

Yoghurt – Normal yoghurt is also a fantastic instant health snack that can be made in your shop with the help of a yoghurt maker.  You can create a great variety of different flavors or stick to plain yoghurt.  The yoghurt can also be used in a great variety of snacks such as fruit bowls, fruit and cereal bowls, pancakes, muffins breakfast jars and more.

Fresh fruit – What would a health takeaway bar be without a fresh fruit section.  You can carve up some of the healthiest and freshest fruits and sell them to the public as they head by your shop.

Smoothies – Smoothies are great for people with busy lives because it is a complete meal in a cup and it is fantastic for the body.  If you want to be truly fantastic you can always add some detox smoothies to your list and get everyone in shape and skinnier much faster.

Muesli – Muesli is also great for creating fantastic meals because you can mix it with any fruit or yoghurt for a great tasting takeaway meal.

Dried fruit – Dried fruit can be stored for a long time and can be great for adding flavor to plain yoghurt

Nuts – Everyone will go nuts if you add a variety of nuts that they can add to smoothies or fruity breakfasts

The great thing about such a snack bar is the fact that your clients can mix and match to their hearts content and get the best and healthiest meals on the go so they won’t have to fat up on normal takeaways anymore.