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Get Rid of Bees on a Budget

When you buy a property or open up a new business all you want is for everything to go swimmingly and for your new property to be in good condition. The last thing you want to find out is that you have an infestation of bees that is causing external and internal damage that needs to be taken care of and that your wallet is going to be impacted because of it.

In this article we’ll be tackling that exact issue head on, how you can get rid of the bee problem but without hurting your wallet. Assessing the different types of bee threats as there are several species that all prose their own unique set of problems and how you can minimize the costs for each of these.

Before we begin we should remind you that no matter your budget do not attempt to deal with bees on your own especially if you’re allergic or others on your property are. It’s dangerous and likely to make the problem worse than it already is. Get a professional on the job that is protected and know that they are doing.

Get Rid of Bees on a Budget

Also using pesticides or chemicals which would affect the bees natural state is discouraged as it’s unethical and bee keepers who would otherwise take a colony off your hands for free would likely reject your hive.

Believe it or not there are many ways to get rid of a bee colony for free, yes you heard that right! Well with the exception of transport and food for the bee keeper who is willing to take a live colony off your hands.

The first perquisite is the bee colony being in good condition, hives in external areas are better for this as they won’t be embedded in walls or buildings and therefore easier to remove.

Plus it’s recommended bees are removed whilst alive and to cause as little damage to the colony as possible, while extermination isn’t illegal like commonly thought it’s widely discouraged and unethical due to bees vital role in the ecosystem.

If you’re a business then you likely have existing contacts for this type of thing, otherwise you can ask around your local area or check through the Yellow Pages to find bee keepers who would be happy to take this nuisance off your hands.

As a final resort you’ll need to get in a professional exterminator, as mentioned above killing bees is considered unethical and generally discouraged however sometimes there is no other option. More information about that at this site.

The best piece of advice I can give you on this front and in order to save as much money as possible is to get multiple quotes before purchasing a company’s services and look through online reviews thoroughly so you know what you’re dealing with.

You can expect to pay within the region of $100-200 for relocation by a bee keeper, $300 for a general extermination where no internal damage is present or up to $800 for extermination and fixing up internal damage caused by more aggressive species such as carpenter bees who routinely drill into building and walls.