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Great Food Types to Serve for an Easy and Mess-Free Party

It isn’t easy to plan the perfect party.  There is so much to do and so much to remember.  You need to send out those invitations on time, list your RSVP’s, plan your meal, plan your snacks, do table arrangements, get decorations, choose a theme, select a music list and so the list goes on and on.

Planning the perfect party can be exhausting and one of the toughest parts of a party is to select the right food types.  In most modern parties there just isn’t time for guests to sit down for a full meal.  Most parties today consist of a table with all sorts of yummy treats and foods that guests can enjoy throughout the party while they mingle, chat, dance, have fun and catch up with old friends.

Great Food Types to Serve for an Easy and Mess-Free Party

Great Food Types to Serve for an Easy and Mess-Free Party

For your food table, you need to select food types that can be out in the open for long periods of time without spoiling or melting.  You also need to be sure that insects won’t get into your foods and you need foods that won’t mess up your guest’s outfits while they dine.  Here are a few party food ideas that are perfect for any type of party and any type of guest;

Cupcakes in a jar

Cupcakes are easy treats that everyone loves but it can be hard to keep your cupcakes in perfect condition while you transport them and there really is no good way to cover up a cupcake so flies won’t get to it.  A cupcake in a jar is the perfect solution.  These are glass jars that contain the entire cupcake complete with layering and topping.  These cupcakes look mouthwatering and they stay in perfect condition no matter how shaky things get and no matter how long they remain on the table.  Check out these yummy cupcake flavors and you will see exactly why this is the perfect party snack.


Slices like brownie slices, jelly slices, chocolate hedgehog slices, vanilla custard slices and more are also great party snacks. They are great to look at, they taste fantastic and they are so easy to grab and eat as you mingle.


There is nothing easier or tastier to eat during a party than a truffle.  These cute balls are perfect for decorating any tasty table and you can make a huge variety of different truffle flavors like chocolate chip truffles, peanut butter brownie truffles, mint chocolate chip truffles and so much more.

Mini burgers

Mini hamburgers are very filling, easy to make and they taste great.  These are a definite must for your food table.

Baked rollups

This is another tasty food source that you can make a thousand different ways.  Make baked rollups with ham and cheese, bacon and cheese or any other topping you like, cut them and serve them as an easy to grab and eat food type.

Veggie cups

Everyone is trying to live healthier and veggie cups are the perfect snack for those who cannot eat lots of carbs and sugar.  Simply trim veggies into sticks and serve them in cups with a delicious dip sauce.  They are healthy, tasty and they brightly colored.