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How Cakes can be Used for Team Building

Team building is now very popular with many companies. The success of team building is all about creativity, with more creativity people will have more fun and the even is more likely to have an impact. Team building not only help the  members to bond, but also help members to get to know each other and that will help them work better together. This therefore means more output for the company and hence more profits for the company. It is therefore worth for every company to have team building activities from time to time. It also breaks the monotony of work. Some of the ways in which cakes can be incorporated into team building activities include:

How Cakes can be Used for Team Building

Cake eating

Cake eating has been incorporated in many events and can also be incorporated in a team building activity. Members can eat the cake together as they bond and talk over different issues. Cake eating can either be the normal eating way or it can be in form of a competition. There are many ways you can do it; it depends on the interest of the group.

Cake baking

Cooking together can be a great team building activity and baking a cake is no different. Team building is not limited by outdoor activities but can also be in the form of baking a cake together. Baking together involves team work and will help members to engage with each other as they do the activity and may help to create group cohesion among the members.

Cake baking class

Cake baking class can be a fun activity that can be a form of team building. Members will get to bond as they learn the new skill of baking. They get to know the other side of others through the activity rather than just the work profile.

Cake decors

Decorating of cakes can be a fun activity that team members can engage and it can still help them to bond. It will help to bring out creativity of the members and help them to relate better and to know who to assign tasks in future when they have an activity. Doing such an activity together can help to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the members which may help in team work as every member can easily be assigned what they are good at.

Cake Tasting

Nowadays there are many cake tasting evens especially in cake expos. Employees can engage and participate in cake tasting activity and that can be a form of team building activity. It can help group members to bond more and form better relationships.


All companies benefit from team building including Philadelphia 3.0. Cakes can be used in many other creative ways in team building and can have massive effects on a company. Employees have a big role to play in a company and if they are satisfied then it means that the customers will be satisfied and hence the company will receive massive benefits.