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How To Choose A Bartending School

As much as many people don’t consider it a necessity, attending a bartending school has its many benefits.  Getting equipped with skills and taking your professionalism a notch higher makes all the difference. You should however keep in mind that not all the schools have been made in the same measure as there are some schools that are better than others hence you need to know what to look out for. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a bartending school include:

How To Choose A Bartending School

How To Choose A Bartending School


Every school has its own cost since everyone has their own pricing policies. As much as the cost differs, there are places that offer more value than others and hence you actually pay for what you get. When looking for a school therefore focuses on what comes at the cost and not only the cost. Most of the time, you will have to pay more for quality.


When looking for a bartending school, delve into looking for the extras they offer beyond the basic skills and drink memorizing techniques. There are some places that will even give job placements for their students. As much as we go to school to get equipped with knowledge and skills, the extras also go a long way.

Mode of study

When it comes to bartending schools, there are different modes of study that you can use. It can either be online or the brick and mortar method. Most of the time the brick and mortar mode of study will come at a higher cost because of the overhead costs that the school has to incur unlike the online platform. Good thing with a physical school is that it will have a simulated bar where you can do all practices you want. Even though you can do your practices from a kitchen, doing from a bar gives a different feel. Good thing with doing the practical sessions with others is that you can always learn from each other and that will help in improving your skill and creativity.

Accredited license

This is one thing that is over hyped even though it looks good. Most of the time the schools will use accredited license to attract clients but the truth is that the bartending licenses and certificates do not hold any value.

Number of drink recipes

The truth is that it does not matter the number of drink recipes offered as you don’t have to memorize all of them. Even though knowing many is a good thing, you only need the basic popular drinks. If you need more, you can always get the recipes online and many other sources.

Owners of the school

This is the most overlooked factor though it is very important. He one running the show is very important as you want an association with a reputable person and just not anyone. They are the ones that will determine the kind of quality you will get.

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