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How To Dress Up for Your Cake Shop

Decorating cakes isn’t the only thing you should be worried about when working in a bakery or cake shop. Part of the aesthetic of any shop is the employees. Welcoming customers with cheery, glowing faces can be very effective in attracting good business, and you’ll have repeat customers wanting more than just your cakes.

That being said, maybe you’re not all that sure about how to glam up for the bakery. Don’t worry, though. We’ve listed down the basic things you need to get ready for your bakery job so that you’ll be dressed up in no time!

How To Dress Up for Your Cake Shop

How To Dress Up for Your Cake Shop

  1. Always moisturize

The secret to a fresh face is always using moisturizer. Rinsing your face and then applying a light layer of decent moisturizer can make all the difference between a dull morning face and a fresh welcoming expression. If you’re someone that doesn’t rely on heavy makeup, you can even skip the foundation and go for a tinted moisturizer instead. If your bakery is in a sunny area, a moisturizing sunscreen can also help.

  1. Get the right makeup mirror

Before you get all excited about doing the perfect makeup look, you’ll need the right tools. A good makeup mirror can help you find each and every imperfection that you need to work on, as well as give you a better view of every pore and aspect of your face for a better understanding of what makeup looks you should go for.

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  1. Choose the right foundation

Baking is a lot of work. You’ll definitely be breaking a sweat working in the kitchen and decorating those cakes perfectly. That’s why it’s better to go for a long-lasting full coverage foundation that manages to give you a clean fresh look while making sure you don’t make a mess of yourself with all the sweat.

  1. Go for a minimal eye look

Since you’re not really going for too much glam and you’re solely focused on being presentable, you can definitely take it easy on the eyeshadow. A simple nude or brown hue with a minimal eyeliner application can be more than enough to give you that pop without going overboard. Plus you won’t have to worry about smudging your eyes during all that baking!

  1. It’s all in the smile, so look for the right lip shade

A smile can do wonders for any business. When you’re greeting customers, you’ll want a fresh vibrant color for your lips to accentuate your smile and give a friendly welcoming vibe. Pinks and nudes are great for a cute bakery look, and also minimal enough to keep a natural glow.

With all these makeup essentials, you’re now more than ready to start baking some cakes!