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How to take care of the lawns of your cake shop

When you see lawns looking beautiful, it is because they have been worked on. Even though you may have the best grass and plans, they have to be tended to look beautiful. Most people concentrate on choosing the best grass or plants, but they are not aware of the care needed. Although nature will also play its part, your part should not be ignored. Some of the things you can do to make sure your cake shop lawn is up to par include:

How to take care of the lawns of your cake shop
How to take care of the lawns of your cake shop

Remove any weeds

When you have weeds, they compete for the nutrients of the grass or plants, making them not flourish. They also work by blocking both air and nutrients from getting into the roots. Weeds are generally in the form of seed heads, flows, or just plants. Weeds can just be pulled out or be killed by a herbicide.

Thatch can also build up, preventing your lawn from thriving. They are generally in the form of dry grass, dead leaves, and root stems. When they are on the ground, you will feel the ground spongy. They can easily be removed by using a rake.

Moss can also be a problem, especially in areas that have high moisture content. It spreads very fast and can hinder the grass from growing well. They like areas that have shade or inadequate drainage.

Work on the drainage

Poor drainage is a lousy culprit for lawns. When there is poor drainage, there is high water retention which can lead to many complications. Most f the time, poor drainage is experienced in clay soils or thick thatch. Apart from making tunnels to drain off the water, you can also opt to go for plants that can thrive in such a ground.

The garden topography should be done right so that water is well distributed to prevent waterlogging.


Aeration will make sure that your plants or grassroots get enough air and water so that they gain the essential nutrients to grow well. You can do aeration by making small holes in the soil. It can quickly be done by gardening tools or aerating shoes.


When you add in more seeds mixed with fertilizer, it can help rejuvenate lawns, especially if worn out. It will fill in any thinning or damaged areas to reduce the possibility of weed or moss.


This is what most people know as far as gardening is concerned. As much as mowing is done more or less the same way, it is advisable to mow just a third of the length to be too thin. When it is too thin, it leaves a chance for moss or weeds. Taking care of the lawns may seem like a daunting task for some people. The best part is that there are companies dedicated to that, such as Lawn Care Stillwater MN. They are dedicated to making your lawns beautiful.