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Outdoor Seating Ideas for Your Food Cafe

Lots of people prefer to sit outside of your café while enjoying a beverage or while eating their lunches.  People first fell in love with outdoor café seating when French cafés became so popular with their gorgeous round tables, fantastic street views, and those elegant high chairs.  If you want to boost your clientele or simply give your food café a bit more charm then you can definitely consider outdoor seating solutions in front of your food café. Here are a few great ideas for beautiful outdoor seating areas.

Outdoor Seating Ideas for Your Food Cafe

Outdoor Seating Ideas for Your Food Cafe

Invest In Good Sound

Everyone loves to listen to good music while they are enjoying tasty foods.  Invest in good quality all weather loudspeakers for your café so you can thrill your guests with some fantastic feel-good tunes while they dine or enjoy your incredible beverages.  Music is great for attracting new customers, for capturing the interest of bypasses and the right songs can even make your customers linger a little bit longer.

Get Beautiful Outdoor Tables and Chairs

A beautiful table setup outside will make your café look a lot more inviting.  With a few charming tables and chairs that match your cafés theme or image it will become irresistible to sit down for a few drinks.

Decorate Your Outdoor Areas

Don’t just stuff a couple of tables in front of your café.  Create an area that looks brilliant.  You can decorate your outdoor dining areas with lots of beautiful flowering potted plants, a living garden wall as a divider or by adding fresh new flower arrangements to your small tables every day.

Create Some Shading

If your café is facing a sunny spot then you should invest in some shading.  Romantic umbrellas or a beautiful bamboo shade is just what you need for maintaining that quint look for your food café and for luring more customers to come and sit down for a rest.

Outdoor Menus

With a big outdoor menu, bypasses can easily see exactly what you serve and will be much more tempted to stop and sit down for a bite.

Chalkboard Special Signs

Get a big chalkboard where you can write down all the latest food and beverage specials and if you don’t have any special’s ongoing then use your blackboard for some inspirational quotes or to capture some attention with a bit of humor.

Adopt the French Look

People love to sample something new upon occasion.  If you can adopt that romantic French style or look in your food café then you are bound to attract quite a lot of attention.

Install Enough Lighting

If your café is open until late into the evening then enough lighting in your outdoor dining area is incredibly important.  Focus on dimmed and romantic lighting that will encourage guests to linger longer instead of bright lights that might encourage them to eat quickly.

Be Unique

Try to create a unique looking setup for your outdoor area so people will be much more eager to visit your café instead of heading to franchise restaurants and cafes that all have the same uniform look.