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Personal Injury Hazards to Watch Out For At Your Cake Shop

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are responsible for the safety of everyone that threads onto your property.  This is a terrible responsibility to bear because it often means that you can be held liable for other people’s stupid mistakes.  An onsite injury in your boutique or shop can mean lots of trouble for your company because injured customers or employees can sue you for compensation and you will then be held accountable for all their medical expenses and can even be expected to pay for trauma counseling.  But that is not all.  You can even be held liable for a loss of income and with all of these liabilities you could soon be looking into quite an expensive bill that could have been prevented if you took the right steps.

Here are the top injury hazards to watch out for at your cake shop.

Personal Injury Hazards to Watch Out For At Your Cake Shop

Personal Injury Hazards to Watch Out For At Your Cake Shop

Food Poisoning

Defective product can pose quite a lot of risks to consumers, especially if you are in the foodservice industry.  Food poisoning can make your customers terribly ill and can even result in fatalities.  It is incredibly important to protect yourself from these types of hazards by always using the right food prep methods, by investing in fresh quality products and by maintaining high hygiene standards.

Slips and fall

Everyone falls from time to time but it is always best to reduce the risk of falling into your company as low as possible.  A simple fall could mean lots of injuries to seniors, adults and even children. Here are the top ways to create a fall-proof floor area;

  • Use the right warning signs when you are washing those smooth tiled floors so people won’t tread onto wet slippery surfaces.
  • Install a slip-resistant floor coating on all slippery surfaces such as tile flooring. This is especially important in the kitchen and restroom areas where water spills happen so easily.
  • Highlight steps in your building by attaching reflective hazard tape to your steps so people can easily see these steps.
  • Keep your floor areas clear from wiring and cabling.

Kitchen Hazards

Your employees have just as much right to safety as customers and it is important to create a secure kitchen area with the following tips.

  • Install plenty of hazard signs in any dangerous area in the kitchen. This can be at the stove, oven, on dangerous cutting appliances, mixers and even on the kitchen sink.
  • Enhance hygiene by hanging lots of hygiene instructions to remind staff to wash their hands and to keep everything nice and clean.
  • Educate your staff on safety risks in the kitchen by having frequent safety meetings.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create a safe cake boutique or shop so you can reduce the chances of injuries or at least protect yourself from exploitation when customers or employees are trying to push you too far for liability when they were to blame for the injury.