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Some Coffee Cake Recipes You Should Try

When you think about coffee-flavored cakes, what variation do you usually think about? There are so many kinds that are available that you may have a hard time choosing just one. Most people have tasted more than one variation of coffee cake in their lives. What about you? How many coffee cake recipes have you tried so far?

Since people just love coffee, they can imagine eating the coffee cake for breakfast. Some would even pair it with the espresso they have gotten from best espresso machines. They know that they will get the caffeine fix that they need. Take note that coffee cake is not only eaten for breakfast. Some would eat it as dessert after lunch or dinner.

Some people may think that a coffee cake is not right for them because they have never liked the taste of coffee. They may change their minds the moment that they see the different variations that are available.

Some Coffee Cake Recipes You Should Try

Some Coffee Cake Recipes You Should Try

Lemon and Coffee Cake

Lemon and coffee may not be the usual variation that you will see. The tangy taste of the lemon will fit well with the bittersweet taste of coffee. A lot of people also use these flavors with almonds as the almonds can also enhance the taste of the cake. It can also add the texture, the crunch that people may like in a cake. 

Sour Cream and Coffee Cake

People may become surprised that sour cream can actually be added as a flavor to coffee. One thing to remember is the taste of sour cream will not be too flavorful when added to the cake. You will surely taste the coffee but the sour cream will make the cake moist. A lot of people love moist cakes and it is highly likely that you would love this too. The taste of sour cream can become more evident through the frosting that will be used.

Coffee Crumble

This is one of the most popular coffee flavors that people have tried. There is something about coffee, crumble, and brown sugar that will be very nice to have. There are different recipes that will teach you how to make this type of coffee cake. You can always control how sweet this is going to be and if there are other ingredients that you will also place to make the taste better.

Apple and Coffee Cake

This may be another combination that people cannot think about having until they try it. Some people would use a baking mix as a base then the coffee will be added. You can choose to add fresh apples in between the cake or you may also use the apples on top as a topping. There will be a generous amount of brown sugar that will be placed on top of the apples to make the cake even more delicious.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

People have always mixed chocolate with coffee for a long time so this cake recipe will not be a surprise. You will just add chunks of chocolate in order to make this even more flavorful. People who love sweets will surely enjoy this type of coffee cake.

Can you still think of other coffee-flavored cake recipes that you want to try soon? There are so many choices that you may want to try for sure.