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Become a Baker and Make Money from Home

Everyone can use a bit of extra money from time to time.  Extra spending money always comes in handy on those rainy days when everything just goes wrong for no reason, for those remodel and renovation projects, when it comes to buying school accessories or when you have a few outstanding bills to catch up on.  Baking is a great way to make money from home.  Baked goods are a consumable item for which there will always be a demand which means there is always a possibility to do business no matter where you are located.  If you love baking, have a bit of extra time on your hands and want to make extra money then this is definitely a great home based business to consider.

Decide on your baking angle

Before you get into shopping for bakeware you should decide on your baking style and product list.  Some home-based bakers only cater for special events and focus on baked platters, desserts, and cakes.  Other bakers prefer to focus on cake baking and love to create beautiful and unique birthday party theme cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes and even general cakes for events.  Some bakers prefer to stick to small treats like cookies, biscuits and more and distribute their baked goods at various fuel stations and even at other stores.  Decide on the type of baked goods you would like to make the most so you can buy the right tools for that specific category.

Choose your baker’s name

You will need to create an image for yourself whether you are only baking occasionally or decide to make this your full-time career.  A good bakers name will help people identify you and will enable you to promote successfully online so you can reach more customers, inform more people of your baked goods and make a success of your business.

The first tool you will need to buy

A stand mixer is the one type of appliance you will need no matter what type of baking you decide to do.  Stand mixers are perfect for high volume baking because you can mix a whole lot of dough at the same time, get your recipes mixed and fluffed a lot quicker and the quality and texture of baked goods are just so much better when you use a professional mixer.  Click here to find out more about all the best stand mixers on the market so you can get your bakers collection going.

Shop the rest

Now that you have a name and know what type of baked goods you will be providing you can start shopping for all those other appliances, tools and cutlery you will need for baking.  It is important not to overstuff your kitchen with baker’s tools because many tools will end up taking a whole lot of unnecessary space. Stick to the basics and work your way up from there.

Start promoting and selling

Now that everything is in place you can start promoting your bakers goods online on social media sites and start taking orders for baked goods.  It might be a good idea to make a few examples of your baked goods so you can photograph these foods for marketing content and show customers what you are capable of.…

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