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How to Make A Vegan Cake?

There are a lot of people who believe that an occasion will not be festive enough unless there is a cake available. The traditional cakes that we are familiar with right now come with a lot of dairy ingredients. This can make it harder for a vegan to eat cake.

This is not only for cakes. There are a lot of vegans who are usually having trouble eating out simply because they do not know if there are food options that are available for them. Vegans are very specific about what they can and cannot eat. It will be easy for them to prepare when they are at home but when they are eating out or attending events, this will surely be a problem. There are options to get vegan food in Helsinki so this should not be a problem to vegans but what about in other places?

When it comes to cake, this should not be a problem. You can always make a vegan cake if you want as long as you know the right alternatives to certain ingredients. These are some of the tips that you can follow so that you will become more successful in creating the perfect vegan cake:

  • Always review the recipes ahead of time. You can check what ingredients cannot be consumed by vegans and start looking for alternatives to those ingredients. Some of the ingredients that you have to remove are eggs, butter, milk, and white sugar. Do not worry because there are alternatives to those ingredients in the market right now.
  • You can use a banana instead of eggs in order to make your cake more starchy. You can also use margarine instead of butter to get the taste that you want. If you do not like the taste of bananas on cakes, you can choose to prepare flax seed that is mixed with water as an alternative to the eggs you are going to use. There are also some health food stores that offer non-dairy powdered egg mix.
  • Instead of using fresh milk, you can use soy milk or almond milk. You are better off choosing almond milk if you are also trying out the ketogenic diet. There are also other options that are available like coconut milk or hemp milk. Just be aware of the different milk options available and you are bound to find what you are searching for.
  • Use cane sugar instead of brown or white sugar. This will assure you that the sugar that you are using is also from plants and not from other animals. Your vegan friends will also be very thankful for this. Just remember that cane sugar has the tendency to be sweeter than the typical granulated sugar. You can make adjustments depending on the amount of sugar that the recipe needs.

One of the main problems that you may encounter when trying to bake a cake is an alternative to white flour. You can use refined flours made with other ingredients instead such as brown rice. There are so many options that are available for you.…

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