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The Best Toys for Your Shops Kiddies Area

Do you have your own bakery or cake shop?  Can your guests sit down for a bite to eat and a tasty beverage? Then you absolutely need to make space for kids play area.  It is incredibly hard for parents to take a break from shopping or while they are visiting your store with little ones running about the shop.  Kids have a tendency to annoy other guests and parents tend to avoid businesses that don’t give them a way to keep little ones busy while they sit down for a bit.

If you are setting up an indoor play area then it is best to invest in toys that will keep little ones busy for as long as possible.  Here are the best toys to choose for your children’s play area;

The Best Toys for Your Shops Kiddies Area

The Best Toys for Your Shops Kiddies Area

Magnetic Building Blocks

We are all familiar with all popular building blocks such as Lego and Oxford but these are not the best blocks for all types of kids.  Tiny children often have a tough time at assembling these blocks and they find it just about impossible to break blocks apart.  Magnetic building blocks are much easier to use and will certainly keep little ones busy just as long as other types of blocks will.  On the smart consumer, you can check out the best building block sets to get for your play area.

TV Set

A TV set with a few Disney movies is also a great way to keep little ones quiet and content.  This is an absolute must-have if you are limited on space or if there is no way you can create a jungle gym inside.

Table and Chairs

You definitely need to get at least one plastic table with some chairs so little ones can sit down comfortably for drawing and quiet play.

Soft Play Blocks

Soft pay blocks are terrific for small children and toddlers.  They can use these play blocks to build forts, sit down or to simply get comfortable.

Fidget Board

You can choose to buy a fidget board or build one yourself. These boards contain lots of interesting things such as switches, lights, knobs, numbers, letters, mirrors, springs and other things that can be turned, switched or observed in order to keep your little one busy.


Children love to draw and a big chalkboard or even a chalk wall is one of the most affordable play activities to implement in your play area.


Dollhouses are great for imaginary play and will keep little girls and boys busy for a very long time, especially if you invest in an interactive dollhouse with lots of doors, furniture, and electric features.

Toy Cars

Toy cars are always fun to play with and are one of the simplest and best-looking play accessories to get for your play area.


Puzzles are perfect for quiet play time and for keeping tiny hands and brains busy while parents take a break and enjoy a snack.