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The Connection Between Beauty and Cakes

The truth is what you eat is reflected on your skin that is why there is the cliché that goes “you are what you eat”.  That means that we should strive to eat as healthy as possible. For many people, avoiding cakes and junk food altogether is very hard. Since a healthy diet is great for your hair and body, it is important to find out ways of making up for an unhealthy diet. The problem with junk food is that it uses the stored-up energy and gives you an energy rush that will not last long burning out on the stored fats. Junk food is also rich in fat and sugars which leads to high calories intake. Some of the ways you can make up for unhealthy eating includes:

healthy diet

healthy diet

Drink a lot of water

Water is life and serves a big function in our bodies. Water increases metabolism which makes it easy to digest sugars and fats. It also helps to flush out toxins from your system which will give you a healthy glow and re-energize you.


Cakes and junk foods, in general, are high in calories and one of the easiest ways to burn out the calories is by exercising. Exercise will also increase your metabolism making digestion much easier. Exercise is one of the great ways of bringing your body back to life after engaging in an unhealthy diet.

Eat breakfast like a king

In order to have a stable glucose level, you should eat within one hour of waking up. Once you eat breakfast like a king you are done for the day because it will also help you have sizeable portions throughout the day and help you have good energy levels. That, therefore, means that you should aim for high fiber carbohydrate and a protein as well as a vitamin source such as a fruit. The foods you eat for breakfast have a big influence on how your day will turn out. With a good meal, you will be more productive and creative as well have less craving to indulge in junk food.

Be creative in your foods

One of the main reasons that may make us want to delve into a certain food is feeling it gives us and its presentation. Creativity may help in replacing the junk with healthier alternatives. For example, you can replace your addition to chips with a crispy vegetable such as bell pepper or cucumber. You can replace your addiction for ice cream with frozen yogurt which is much healthier comparatively.

Suppress your appetite

Reducing your portions or having small meals more often is much better than having one big meal at once. There are many ways that you can suppress your appetite. Drinking water at least thirty minutes before a meal will reduce the portion you will take. Mint is also a natural way that has been used to suppress appetite. Foods rich in proteins will make you feel full for longer.