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Tips for Keeping Your Bakery Squeaky Clean

One of the biggest challenges of running any food store is to keep these areas clean at all times.  Health sectors are very strict when it comes to health regulations in these types of stores and if you fail to maintain high hygiene standards in your bakery you could face closing down pretty easily.

Tips for Keeping Your Bakery Squeaky Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Bakery Squeaky Clean

Here are a few great tips to help you keep your bakery clean and attractive to any customer that might visit.

1. Get the Right Design

Some surfaces and shop layouts are tougher to keep clean than others.  If you are still designing your bakery then choose heavy-duty surfaces that are easy to wipe down and clean.  Avoid furniture with lots of grooves, decorations, and tiny areas because these are always tough to keep clean.  A streamlined, seamless design will make it much easier to keep your office clean.

2. Vacuum Instead Of Sweeping

Don’t sweep inside your bakery.  Sweeping will only make your surfaces dustier because any messes, flour, and dust on the floor will become airborne and will settle on your countertops.  Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner that will suck up all dirt, pet hair and dust to lock these messes inside so they won’t spread to other surfaces.  On Pet Allergy Vacuum Guide you can check out the best vacuum for stairs and other surfaces.  These handy vacuum cleaners are excellent for all areas in your bakery including your staircase, upholstery, and curtains.

3. Mop Every Day

It is important to mop the floors every day.  Use a good quality cleaning agent that is also environmentally friendly.  Don’t use chemicals that are terribly toxic or with a strong smell. These smells can be absorbed into your foods and will impact the taste of baked treats.  Try to mop after hours because mopping while your shop is full of customers can be challenging, enhances the risk of customers falling and is discomforting to your customers.

4. Wipe All Surfaces

Don’t dust inside your bakery. Instead, grab a bucket and wet cloth and wipe down all surfaces.  This will eliminate dust in the bakery and will get rid of bacteria and germs that all your customers and employees might have spread throughout surfaces.

5. Keep Temperatures Cool

A cooler temperature will make it much easier to cool down baked foods and also enhances breathing and hygiene in the kitchen.  Crank those air-conditioners up so you can keep your bakery nice and cool.

6. Get Bakers Uniforms

Aprons and bakers uniforms make it much easier for you to enforce high hygiene standards.  Employees love to wear them since they save their own clothing from wear and tear and uniforms are usually heavy duty and can be washed more frequently.  Uniform wear also looks a lot better and will enhance the vibe and look of your bakery.

7. Don’t Allow Dirty Dishes to Stand Overnight

It is so important to give your kitchen a thorough clean before closing shop for the night.  Any foods you leave on the counter or dirty dishes you leave in the sink are bound to lure in nasty pests such as cockroaches and rats.  By cleaning your bakery before closing down for the evening you will also step into a fresh and clean shop early the next morning.