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Ways To Get Organic Food At Home

Nowadays, preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones are taking over the market. There is not a single vegetable and fruit on the market that is clear from all these unhealthy drugs. Even the meat that we consume is broiler, it is injected with hormones like oxytocin and antibiotics to lower the mortality rate and increase the amount of offspring and milk produced. Have you ever thought what happens inside your body when you consume all this? Statistics show the consumption of hormones and other drugs due to the food we eat is increasing obesity and diseases like tumors and cancers. Some ways to eliminate this from your life are:

Ways To Get Organic Food At Home

Ways To Get Organic Food At Home

Grow your own chicken:

Broiler chicken is the foremost way of consuming all those unhealthy antibiotics and hormones. This overboard consumption not only causes diseases but also causes immunity against all kinds of antibiotics which result in lack of response to medication as well.

So, a better way to all this is growing your own chicken and consuming them. Build a chicken coop and start raising your chickens there. They multiply after a few months and will be ready. One way to ensure full healthy chickens at all times is investing in good quality equipment like a good quality hygrometer. It allows you to ensure that your chicken’s eggs are in good condition and are getting the optimal temperature and humidity.

Finding the best hygrometer is not very easy. You have to look out for damaged and inaccurate hygrometers as they can end up ruining your eggs and may result in chicken deprivation for a whole month. There are a few points that you should consider before buying a hygrometer. These are:

  • Usage: it is extremely important that the hygrometer be easy to use and to be user-friendly. Without these two abilities, it will be a nightmare rather than a help.
  • Durability: make sure that the device is made of the sturdy and durable material if not all your money can go down the drain. Polystyrene build is a good quality structure that stays put and keeps the insulation on point.
  • Accuracy and precision: any amount of stress that can be put on this point is less. The precision and accuracy are what will take your eggs through the process of developing the fetus and helping it hatch properly. An improper and non-precise hygrometer can ruin your eggs.

Grow your own vegetables:

All the vegetables and fruits you find on the market are hybrids. If you take their seeds and plant them, you will never get the exact same quality fruit or vegetable. However, the plant that grows would be completely organic. For organic fertilizer, you can use your chicken manure, there is nothing better than that. If you don’t have chicken manure, then you can make your fertilizer by burying all the fruit and vegetable remains for a few weeks. Take it out and mix it with the soil. You can also grow your own fruits, but a fruit tree takes at least four to five years to establish enough to provide fruit.

Find an organic farm:

There are various organic farms in the countryside. If you buy organic food in the grocery store you get it double the price, but if you contact the farm directly you will get it at a lower price. You can arrange a weekly or once in two weeks delivery at your home. This way you can enjoy completely safe and healthy fruit, vegetable, meat and milk without having to worry about all those side effects. Going a little out of the way for your health can do more good than harm.