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Why Every Chef Should Take Up the Photography Challenge

As a chef you have a passion for creating more than just delicious meals.  You have a passion for combining taste with presentation so your meals can look as yummy as they taste. Your food is your life.  You cook to entertain, to feel better, to create, to nourish and to care for those you love.  The sad part about being a chef is the fact that those delicious meals you have spent so much time preparing will be devoured in minutes and even though your meals are remembered, they are never relived.  It is time to take a record of your delicious meals by taking good photos of your meals.

The value of a good food photo

People tend to buy with their eye.  They go to restaurants to taste some of the food that looks so terrific on advertisements.  If you love to cook and want to lure in more people to your restaurant or to the restaurant you work at then you should start taking some striking photos of your gorgeous meals.  You can use the photos on social media, newspapers, ads and much more to promote your services and to lure in clients.  You can also use the beautiful photos in your resume so you can land that position as a master chef at a five star restaurant, lodge or bed and breakfast.

Why Every Chef Should Take Up the Photography Challenge

Learn to take photos on CreativeLive

CreativeLive is a wonderful website that hosts numerous educational tutorials on various trades and professions.  On CreativeLive you will find online tutorials for photography, videography, art, designing, music, crafts and much more. The photography tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about photography so you can take high quality and terrific looking photos of each and every dish you prepare.

Why you should take the photography challenge!

Perfection takes a lot of practice.  As a chef, you probably already know this because the food you prepare and the skill it took to prepare meals did not develop overnight.  The creative photography ideas and challenge is just what you need to have a great time while you master the skill of photography.  This challenge involves taking photos of different features such as motion blur photos, sunset bracketing photos, sandwich bag portraits, water droplets, holiday light booked photos and much more.  But they don’t just give you a list to follow without further explanation. You will find a short five minute video tutorial on how to accomplish each and every one of these photos so you can learn to take breathtaking photos as you master the skill.

What photography will mean for your personal life

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take professional looking photos of every holiday you enjoy?  Or wouldn’t it be great if you could take gorgeous photos of your family or of your children?  Photography skills won’t just improve your chances of landing a good job or luring in clients, it will transform everything in your personal life as well.