Choosing Your Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is usually one of the highlights of the wedding and this means that one needs to be very careful when choosing one. It is a symbol of good fortune and fertility, and not to mention that it is believed to bring good luck to those who eat it. In this article, we are going to take a look at some things to consider when choosing your wedding cake.

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Make Wedding Design Decisions First

There are many elements which will define your wedding as you aim to create your story, and they are actually the foundation of this story being created. Such elements include the styling, the flowers, and the theme among other things. Before choosing your wedding cake, you need to first identify what all of these elements are.

The Flavor Should Not Be What Others Want

It is your wedding and not theirs, and this means that it is you and your spouse who should choose the flavors, textures, and smells. These are some of the things that are contributing to your story and not the other people’s stories.

The Height Should Match the Space

Remember that creating a cake is an art and not just something else to eat during the wedding. It should therefore be in tango with the size of the room where the wedding will be held. This should be considered when designing the cake.

What is the Budget?

The cost of the cake is determined by the number of people you are expecting at the ceremony, and also by the design you want. These are the things that will guide you when figuring out your budget. Remember that a lot of work goes into the designing of the wedding cake.

What Sort of Dressing Do You Want?

Thinking beyond the design, some of the other elements to consider include things like the cake stands, the flowers, and even the linen to be used. A good designer will advise you on this.

Let it Shine

Let the cake steal the spotlight by choosing the best position to make it stand out and shine. The event organizer should be able to help with this.

The bottom line, go with whatever works best for you.

Online Wedding Planning Tools

Still on the subject of wedding planning, we are now going to take a look at some online wedding planning tools that can make planning a wedding much easier. Below is a list of some of those tools:


Notion is a workspace meant to make things easier for you when planning your wedding tool. It does things such as handle your bills, the guest list, the to-do list of attendees, and a host of other things.

Zola – Free Wedding Website

Yes, you heard it right! You can create a free wedding website with Zola. You can choose from different templates, customizing them to meet your requirements. The website can be used to update your guests on the details of the wedding.

Below is a list of other free wedding planning tools which can be used:

  • Amazon – you can create a free wedding gift registry here for the convenience of your guests buying gifts and sending them to you
  • The Spruce – here you can create a free wedding planning checklist
  • Pinterest – you can get wedding inspiration boards here
  • Spotify – you can get your wedding music playlist here
  • Canva – it can be used to design customized wedding cards


I bet that you are now bubbling with excitement as your dream wedding draws closer. Take into consideration the tips mentioned above, and let us know how it goes. …

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Increasing Bakery Sales

Owning a bakery is one thing, but getting the sales is something else. It can be tricky getting the expected sales if one doesn’t think outside the box and get innovative. In this article, we are going to take a look at some marketing tactics that one can use to increase the sales at a bakery.

Increasing Bakery Sales

Efficient Operations

The larger bakeries rake in most of the sales, but the good thing is that the bakeries which do mass production of pastries and bakeries are losing traction. The smaller ones are gaining mileage due to the fact that they easily adopt to new food trends. It is good for you to try out different pastries which are trending. Find out the ones which are selling the most from your collection and ensure that there is enough stock at all times. Ensure that the POS is well updated with any new products.


Once you have unique products which are of the highest quality, it is time to start promoting them. Make the most out of it or else people might never know of them. You can make effective marketing campaigns in different ways, and on different platforms. Find out what works best for you and go for it.

Treat Customers Nicely

Communication is key, and you should always treat your customers nicely. Figure out your regulars and what they usually go for. Get to know them better on personal levels. Create connections with them because believe me, they would rather drop in for a chat with their baker, than pick bread off the counter at some supermarket.

Care for Them

Make your customers feel welcome and appreciated by caring about their experience. They will even skip that lower priced bakery and come to yours just because you make them feel welcome. You’re your bakery accessible, putting things like ramps for things like strollers. Show them attention to detail by offering little things that other bakeries don’t offer. Have a bench where they can sit, a water dispenser to quench their thirst. These small things matter in making a customer feel welcome.

The Holidays are Coming

During the festive mood, people are usually ready to part with more money than usual so that they can feel better. Here you will see a spike in the profits, and that is why that is the right time to promote the bakery. Customize your pastry products according to the holidays.

Prince2 Training

When running any business, it is always important to learn new ways of managing the business. In London, the Prince2 Training is offering management courses over the weekends. In this part of the article, we are going to learn more about the Prince2 course. Prince2 Training offers three different courses which go hand in hand. The first is Prince2 Foundation course , a 2-day course which trains project managers. The second one is the Prince2 Practitioner, also a 2-day course, which trains project management. Lastly, we have the Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner, a 4-day course spread over 2 weekends, and which is a combination of the first and second courses.


It is possible to market your bakery effectively using the tips above. For better management, you might want to consider the Prince2 Foundation services. …

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Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

When we open up a business, one of the things that come into mind is how we will get customers. One has to be very creative and think outside the box or else their business could end up going under. In this article, we are going to take a look at the bakery business, focusing on marketing tips for your bakery.

Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

The Scent

Imagine how irresistible the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries would be to those walking past your bakery would be! This is free advertising that can lure anyone passing by to drop by for a buy. Open your doors when baking and this free advertising will bring in walk in customers.

Tempt the Customers

Always have trending offers for your customers on the ready. Go with the trend, such as if the current trend is gluten free pastries, come up with gluten free pastries and you will see the customers chasing after the craze in your bakery.

Entice People

One witty way of getting customers is to place chalkboards with special offers at the entrance of the bakery. This is an affordable way to get foot traffic into your bakery.

Offer Free Samples

Who in this world does not like free stuff? You can offer free samples of pastries or breads on the counters and these will prompt customers to buy more so as to satisfy their cravings.

Social Media

One of the best channels through which to engage customers is through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Take some time to understand how social media marketing works before you start posting. People don’t always want to see promotional material, and so you will also want to keep them engaged.

Conversations or Surveys

You need to be sure what customers expect to get from your bakery, and also figure out what they don’t really need, and the best way of doing this is through conversations or by holding surveys. To encourage them to do this, give them incentives such as offering them a discount or free cup of coffee on their next visit.

Online Ordering

Optimize your website and social media channels to enable online ordering of your products. Times have changed, and especially in the wake of covid-19, and many people would prefer to order products online and have them delivered to wherever they are.

Hiveage – Free Invoice Creator

As the business grows, you will realize that you will need to work smarter and with more efficiency. You will also need to cut costs in order to maximize on your profits. One way of doing this is by using the Hiveage free invoice generator for your small business billing convenience. This is an invoicing generator that makes it easy, handling tasks such as:

  • Requesting payments from clients
  • Tracking sales
  • Tracking stock and inventory
  • Forecasting and planning for the future in regards to past and present data
  • Record tax filings


Having a successful profit making bakery in important, and the points above are some of the ways that you could get the business noticed. Try using them and give us feedback on how it goes. …

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Teaching Kids to Cook

It is common to find children trying to help their parents to cook, and especially young girls. They will be seen aping their parents in the kitchen and most likely, there will be quite a mess once they are done. Many parents would get disappointed by that, but in my opinion is something that parents should handle positively and even go ahead and teach their kids how to cook. Why would I say this? Read on as I tackle the advantages of teaching kids how to cook.

Teaching Kids to Cook

It Boosts Their Confidence

This is one of the biggest advantages of teaching the kids how to cook. Cooking something successfully makes the kids feel achieved, helpful, and useful around the kitchen, and it gets even better if the people eating the food actually enjoy it.

Kids are More Willing to Sample More Foods

When the kids get to cook different meals or foods, they are more likely to try them out and actually like them. This is because they are more likely to eat what they cooked themselves, even though most adults would have dull tastebuds if they ate food that they have cooked themselves.

It Makes You Bond

Ever heard of the saying, a family that cooks together stays together? Taking part in the cooking activity with your children is a sure way of bonding with them and creating a better relationship.

It Reinforces Their School Studies 

Teaching the kids how to cook is like coaching them on what they study in school. When cooking, they need to read the ingredients and cooking procedure, measure ingredients, time the cooking, feel the texture, and a host of other things related to different subjects that they learn in school. The only difference is that this time it in an actual practical situation.

Life Skills 

Cooking is a life skill which will stay with the children forever, and at some point, it may actually become a necessity when they have to cook.

A Healthier Generation

It is important to teach children the importance of healthy foods when teaching them how to cook. Teach them about the nutrients or properties in the different foods, the importance of veggies and fruits. This will lead to a healthier generation.

It Fosters Dinner Time

It is important for families to eat together and dinner is the most likely meal to get the whole family together in a relaxed way. Such a practice is known to make kids perform better in schools, observe healthy eating habits that prevent conditions like obesity, and also keep them away from abusing substance.

There are many more reasons that I could give but those will do for now.


Moving forward, we are now going to take a look at the world of Kidtropolis in Redmond, BC. This is a kid’s paradise, where you can take the kids to enjoy all sorts of activities. Some of the kid’s activities that they offer include:

  • Indoor activities
  • Unforgettable birthday parties
  • Kids camps
  • Pretend play
  • Kids night out

All of the activities are within the provincial health guidelines in relation to covid-19 and you won’t have to worry about your kids getting sick. This is sheer fun and entertainment for the kids.


It is important to teach kids different skills such as cooking, and one of the best places to let your kids learn some of these skills is at Kidtropolis.…

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