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Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

When we open up a business, one of the things that come into mind is how we will get customers. One has to be very creative and think outside the box or else their business could end up going under. In this article, we are going to take a look at the bakery business, focusing on marketing tips for your bakery.

Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

The Scent

Imagine how irresistible the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries would be to those walking past your bakery would be! This is free advertising that can lure anyone passing by to drop by for a buy. Open your doors when baking and this free advertising will bring in walk in customers.

Tempt the Customers

Always have trending offers for your customers on the ready. Go with the trend, such as if the current trend is gluten free pastries, come up with gluten free pastries and you will see the customers chasing after the craze in your bakery.

Entice People

One witty way of getting customers is to place chalkboards with special offers at the entrance of the bakery. This is an affordable way to get foot traffic into your bakery.

Offer Free Samples

Who in this world does not like free stuff? You can offer free samples of pastries or breads on the counters and these will prompt customers to buy more so as to satisfy their cravings.

Social Media

One of the best channels through which to engage customers is through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Take some time to understand how social media marketing works before you start posting. People don’t always want to see promotional material, and so you will also want to keep them engaged.

Conversations or Surveys

You need to be sure what customers expect to get from your bakery, and also figure out what they don’t really need, and the best way of doing this is through conversations or by holding surveys. To encourage them to do this, give them incentives such as offering them a discount or free cup of coffee on their next visit.

Online Ordering

Optimize your website and social media channels to enable online ordering of your products. Times have changed, and especially in the wake of covid-19, and many people would prefer to order products online and have them delivered to wherever they are.

Hiveage – Free Invoice Creator

As the business grows, you will realize that you will need to work smarter and with more efficiency. You will also need to cut costs in order to maximize on your profits. One way of doing this is by using the Hiveage free invoice generator for your small business billing convenience. This is an invoicing generator that makes it easy, handling tasks such as:

  • Requesting payments from clients
  • Tracking sales
  • Tracking stock and inventory
  • Forecasting and planning for the future in regards to past and present data
  • Record tax filings


Having a successful profit making bakery in important, and the points above are some of the ways that you could get the business noticed. Try using them and give us feedback on how it goes. …

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10 Reasons Why You Need an Attorney for Your Bakery Business

Whether your business is a bakery or any other sort of business, having a business attorney to assist in advice and legal matters is important. There are things like agreements that need to be drafted, reviewed, and edited to ensure that everything is in favor of the business. There are also clients, suppliers, and other people that the business has to deal with, and at times you might need a lawyer to step in. There is also legal representation in court, and there is nothing as good as having a lawyer that knows everything about your business. In this article, we are going to look at the importance of an attorney for your business.

Protect Against Lawsuits

As a Baker, you get to deal with foodstuff, and the reality is that you are bound to face several challenges that could end up in courts. In such cases, having a lawyer that is on your side could turn out to be the best thing in your life. The can help the business fight and even reduce the charges.

Mitigate Damages

In the event of a lawsuit, having a lawyer can be advantageous since they can help mitigate the charges against the business. This is something that will depend on the truth coming from you as the business owner and the lawyer.

Contract Drafting

There are many contracts that are needed in any business, including the bakery business. You need to sign contracts with suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers for your pastry products. The best person to assist with the legalities is a lawyer, who can draft the contracts, review and amend any contracts, and single out things in contracts that can pause a danger to the business. A contract that isn’t checked by a lawyer can sink a business very fast.

Business Incorporation

When incorporating a business, we need to have someone that is familiar with the process so that we can avoid any legal implications that might challenge our business. That is the work of a business lawyer, who will know exactly what to.

State and Federal Compliance

Most people really don’t know or understand state and federal laws regarding businesses, and it gets even more confusing because different states tend to have slightly different laws. The laws could revolve around taxes, rules and regulations, business dealing across other states, and many more. A good business lawyer would be well versed with all of the laws and will ensure that your business is complying adequately.

Employee Issues

As the business grows, we will need to employ people to assist with various tasks. We are all aware that employees can sometimes become troublesome, or it could even be a problem hiring good employees. The presence of an attorney will most likely diminish the employee problems, whether it is the hiring process, compensations, agreements, dismissals, and other things that affect employees.

Filing for a Patent

When you come up with a new product or service, you don’t want someone stealing away the idea. This means that you will have to patent it. This is a process that you might not understand, and it could be costly if you were to do it yourself. It could also end up taking up a lot of your time, which could have been spent doing other things. Another problem is that these patents are usually very hard to get approved. A patent lawyer would know how best to go about all of these things to ensure that you get your patents, at the right price, and on time.

Buying or Selling a Business

Purchasing or selling a business entails many legal implications that you might not understand. It isn’t the same as selling or buying a car and involves many things such as valuation, acquisition and purchasing agreements, permit and license transfers, among other things. Let your attorney get that done for you smoothly instead of running into future problems. It will also ensure that you get the best value or money in your investment.

Environmental Issues Impact Your Business

There are many federal laws that have come up lately as people scramble to save the environment. Some of these laws could affect your business without your knowledge and could end up getting you into trouble. One way of avoiding these could be lawsuits is by complying with the laws. A good business lawyer understands all the laws and is best positioned to advise you. They could also come to the defense of your business in the event that you’re taken to court.

Business Structural Decisions

Being the owner of the business, it is a big temptation for you to want to do all the structuring yourself. You should try and avoid this since there are many things that you might not understand such as liabilities, tax obligations, setup fees, ongoing expenses, and employee-related concerns. You will need to get someone that understands these concerns to ensure that in the future you don’t run into legal problems.

Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding

Moving away from hiring an attorney for your business, we are now going to tackle lawsuit funding. In the event that you have a lawsuit that is ongoing and yet you still need funds for treatment due to personal injury, rape, or something that happened and is associated with the case, you can get lawsuit funding. You might not have the funds to treat yourself but you can get loans or cash advances before the lawsuit comes to an end. That is what is referred to as lawsuit funding. In this part of the article, we are going to tackle some of the most common questions regarding lawsuit funding. Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding answers all of these questions on their website since it is a company that helps people gets access to loans or cash advances. Their website has a non recourse lawsuit loan Q & A, some of the questions listed below:

  • What benefits are associated with pre-settlement funding? To pay bills while the case continues.
  • Why not opt for a bank loan instead? You don’t want to add debt when you can get money before the case settles.
  • How does one identify a good lawsuit settlement funding company? Ensure that they are a direct funding source and won’t use brokers.
  • What does the word ‘fees’ refer to? Any rates charged to you related to the lawsuit settlement funding.
  • Do funding companies check employment history and conduct credit checks? No.
  • What should one expect to pay? Compound interest of between 1.99% per month to 3.99% per month.
  • Is one giving up their rights by taking pre-lawsuit funding? No.
  • What of my lawyer? He will advise on the best way forward.
  • How does the approval process work? You fill the application, the company liaises with your attorney, and you get funding depending on the expected value of the case. The cash should be released in a couple of days depending on the specific situation or case.


Always have a business lawyer at hand to help with any legal issues regarding the business. In the event that you finally end up in court and even need pre-lawsuit funding, you might want to consider the services of Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding. Remember, lawsuit funding is expensive and you should only take what you need.…

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Tips for Keeping Your Bakery Squeaky Clean

One of the biggest challenges of running any food store is to keep these areas clean at all times.  Health sectors are very strict when it comes to health regulations in these types of stores and if you fail to maintain high hygiene standards in your bakery you could face closing down pretty easily.

Here are a few great tips to help you keep your bakery clean and attractive to any customer that might visit.

1. Get the Right Design

Some surfaces and shop layouts are tougher to keep clean than others.  If you are still designing your bakery then choose heavy-duty surfaces that are easy to wipe down and clean.  Avoid furniture with lots of grooves, decorations, and tiny areas because these are always tough to keep clean.  A streamlined, seamless design will make it much easier to keep your office clean.

2. Vacuum Instead Of Sweeping

Don’t sweep inside your bakery.  Sweeping will only make your surfaces dustier because any messes, flour, and dust on the floor will become airborne and will settle on your countertops.  Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner that will suck up all dirt, pet hair and dust to lock these messes inside so they won’t spread to other surfaces.  On Pet Allergy Vacuum Guide you can check out the best vacuum for stairs and other surfaces.  These handy vacuum cleaners are excellent for all areas in your bakery including your staircase, upholstery, and curtains.

3. Mop Every Day

It is important to mop the floors every day.  Use a good quality cleaning agent that is also environmentally friendly.  Don’t use chemicals that are terribly toxic or with a strong smell. These smells can be absorbed into your foods and will impact the taste of baked treats.  Try to mop after hours because mopping while your shop is full of customers can be challenging, enhances the risk of customers falling and is discomforting to your customers.

4. Wipe All Surfaces

Don’t dust inside your bakery. Instead, grab a bucket and wet cloth and wipe down all surfaces.  This will eliminate dust in the bakery and will get rid of bacteria and germs that all your customers and employees might have spread throughout surfaces.

5. Keep Temperatures Cool

A cooler temperature will make it much easier to cool down baked foods and also enhances breathing and hygiene in the kitchen.  Crank those air-conditioners up so you can keep your bakery nice and cool.

6. Get Bakers Uniforms

Aprons and bakers uniforms make it much easier for you to enforce high hygiene standards.  Employees love to wear them since they save their own clothing from wear and tear and uniforms are usually heavy duty and can be washed more frequently.  Uniform wear also looks a lot better and will enhance the vibe and look of your bakery.

7. Don’t Allow Dirty Dishes to Stand Overnight

It is so important to give your kitchen a thorough clean before closing shop for the night.  Any foods you leave on the counter or dirty dishes you leave in the sink are bound to lure in nasty pests such as cockroaches and rats.  By cleaning your bakery before closing down for the evening you will also step into a fresh and clean shop early the next morning.…

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How To Fix Your Bakery’s Air Con

Running a bakery is a tough business. That’s why even the smallest mechanical issue could be a problem. No baker wants to deal with a broken or dysfunctional air conditioner when working in a hot kitchen, and you don’t want to upset your customers with an uncomfortably warm ambiance. Don’t worry though. You can deal with air con problems easily if you just follow these guidelines:

If the air conditioner is not cooling

  • Turn off your unit and take it down. Place the air con anywhere outdoors or inside a garage so that you can fix it.
  • Take off the grill along with the filter and then unscrew the unit’s metal casing.
  • Clean the filter carefully or get a new one instead; most air con filters can be easily found online or at any repair shops.
  • Clean the coil fins with a vacuum that comes with a soft brush.
  • Spray some water through the air con fins along the fan side. Keep the wires and motor protected using plastic.
  • Wipe your unit down using a rag to ensure that each drain that lets condensed water drip out in the unit is open. Make sure the unit is completely dry.
  • While the unit has been taken apart, lubricate its motor along with bearings by following the unit’s instruction manual.
  • Follow through with the unit’s reassembly and reinstallation.

If the air conditioner can’t turn on

  • Make sure your unit has been plugged in and that the power is switched on.
  • Check to see if the outlet works by plugging in a working light or with a voltage tester.
  • If your light doesn’t turn on, it means that you most likely have an overloaded circuit. Take a look at your electric panel or the fuse box to replace your fuse or reset the breaker.
  • In case you light does turn on, it’s probable that your air con’s switch is broken or your thermostat requires some repairs or adjustments.
  • Make sure that your thermostat is fixed on “cool” and is under the room temperature.
  • Take a look at your unit’s instruction manual to repair the thermostat.

If you can’t fix the air con on your own

If none of the guidelines above work out for you, then it’s time for you to call a professional! For anyone looking to get an AC repair, their furnace fixed or any heating issue resolved, all you have to do is call the Sterling HVAC Services for the HVAC service that’s right for you. This home-owned company is situated in Virginia and provides both regular and emergency services to the community residents as well as to business owners in Sterling, Virginia.

The company has professional, trained and well-mannered employees who can get your problems fixed in no time. Their well-reviewed services include:

  1. Air Con Contracts

Being one of the states most popular air con companies and contractors, Sterling HVAC Services offers only the best air conditioning options for any house or commercial residence in Sterling, VA.

  1. Air Con Repair Provision

The company is well-known for its effective emergency air con fixes and repairs. The Sterling HVAC Services company ensures that all team members and operators are at the ready for any repair call that comes their way.

  1. HVAC Contracts

The company also provides residents with complete HVAC repair services, with customer satisfaction totally guaranteed on each and every service and job. What’s great is that the repair services and teams are readily available 24/7, come rain or shine!

So what are you waiting for? Get your bakery back in shape by getting your air con fixed as soon as possible!…

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