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Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

When we open up a business, one of the things that come into mind is how we will get customers. One has to be very creative and think outside the box or else their business could end up going under. In this article, we are going to take a look at the bakery business, focusing on marketing tips for your bakery.

Marketing Tips for Your Bakery

The Scent

Imagine how irresistible the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries would be to those walking past your bakery would be! This is free advertising that can lure anyone passing by to drop by for a buy. Open your doors when baking and this free advertising will bring in walk in customers.

Tempt the Customers

Always have trending offers for your customers on the ready. Go with the trend, such as if the current trend is gluten free pastries, come up with gluten free pastries and you will see the customers chasing after the craze in your bakery.

Entice People

One witty way of getting customers is to place chalkboards with special offers at the entrance of the bakery. This is an affordable way to get foot traffic into your bakery.

Offer Free Samples

Who in this world does not like free stuff? You can offer free samples of pastries or breads on the counters and these will prompt customers to buy more so as to satisfy their cravings.

Social Media

One of the best channels through which to engage customers is through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Take some time to understand how social media marketing works before you start posting. People don’t always want to see promotional material, and so you will also want to keep them engaged.

Conversations or Surveys

You need to be sure what customers expect to get from your bakery, and also figure out what they don’t really need, and the best way of doing this is through conversations or by holding surveys. To encourage them to do this, give them incentives such as offering them a discount or free cup of coffee on their next visit.

Online Ordering

Optimize your website and social media channels to enable online ordering of your products. Times have changed, and especially in the wake of covid-19, and many people would prefer to order products online and have them delivered to wherever they are.

Hiveage – Free Invoice Creator

As the business grows, you will realize that you will need to work smarter and with more efficiency. You will also need to cut costs in order to maximize on your profits. One way of doing this is by using the Hiveage free invoice generator for your small business billing convenience. This is an invoicing generator that makes it easy, handling tasks such as:

  • Requesting payments from clients
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  • Record tax filings


Having a successful profit making bakery in important, and the points above are some of the ways that you could get the business noticed. Try using them and give us feedback on how it goes. …

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