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Tips for Keeping Your Cat Content While Spending More Time at the Shop This Festive Season

Business is always booming during the festive season, especially if you have your very own cake shop that creates all sorts of scrumptious treats and festive delights.  No one likes to do their own baking and cooking during the holiday season which means lots of extra orders and sales for your company.  But this increase in customers also means that you will have to spend lots of extra time at your shop so you can get orders done on time.  It isn’t much fun to work during the festive season but it sure is great for your company.  But while you are putting in all of those extra hours at work it can be tough to properly care for pets that are left at home.  Here are a few terrific cat care tips that will ensure that your pet is taken good care off and happy while you are spending more time on the job.

Get an Automatic Cat Feeder

It is hard to stick to your scheduled feeding times when you have to put in lots of overtime.  An easy way to overcome this little issue and to ensure that your cat’s nutritional needs are taken care off is by investing in an automatic cat feeder.  Wet food feeders are brilliant because it keeps the food fresh, keeps insects and pests out of your cat’s food and you can set these feeders to automatically provide your cat with food at the usual feeding time.  With a good quality cat feeder, you never have to worry about coming home late from work or about leaving early.  The feeder will ensure that your cat’s basic needs are taken care off.

Get an Auto Waterer

Your cat should always have a supply of fresh water.  Invest in an auto waterer and put it far from your cat’s food.  Cats generally don’t like drinking water when it is close to food which results in dehydration and kidney problems.

Invest In a Cat Jungle Gym

Cats love to climb, scratch their nails and take long naps.  A cat jungle gym is the best Christmas gift for your pet because these gyms offer lots of climbing, crawling and hiding space, includes scratch poles and is often fashioned with all sorts of cat toys.  A cat jungle gym will keep your cat off your furniture and will keep him content and busy while you are gone.

Give Your Cat Something to Do

Your cat is bound to make a mess of your home if he gets too bored.  Leave something fresh for your cat to do, see or inspect every day.  A new cat toy, a strange harmless insect, a cardboard box… these are all great ideas that need to be alternated daily in order to keep your cat busy.

Invest In a Camera

A camera can be handy if you are not planning on going home at all.  With a cloud-based camera placed in your cat’s favorite spots you can check in regularly to see if your cat is still doing ok.…

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Do You Know Your Cake?

The history of cake is quite ancient. According to historians, Egyptians were the first to invent “cake”, but their cakes were different from modern-day cakes. They looked more like bread, were sweeter due to the addition of honey in them and included a lot of nuts and dried fruits.

The modern-day dictionary reveals that the word cake is derived from the ancient word “Kaka,” which was widely used in the 13th Century.  Later this baking technique was picked up by the European families but their cakes were more of fruit cakes and gingerbread.

There is a wide variety of cakes at the baker shops today. Various new techniques and flavors are being added to the cake décor and every baking expert has his own way of baking and decorating cakes for people to eat and admire.

However, when it comes to ordering that one special cake, one gets confused between flavors, décor, and price so it is important to know the type of cake you need, the ingredients it’s made with and also how it is prepared and served.

Here a guide to know your cake well:

  • Shortened Cakes: These cakes are made with all kinds of fat like butter, lard, vegetable shortening. They are called shortened because the butter or fat shortens the gluten strands which are formed due to the mixing of flour and water. These cakes have a soft texture. They can either be prepared by a creaming method in which all dry things are first mixed and then the wet ingredients are added or by a one bowl method where everything is mixed in a single bowl or by whip and cream method where egg whites are separately wiped and then added to the rest of the batter.
  • Pound Cakes: These cakes are called pound cakes as they have the same amount for all the ingredients. Pound cakes are great for decorating as they hold on to their shapes for long and do not collapse under the weight of fondant or buttercream decorative things.
  • Foam and Sponge Cakes: These cakes have a lot of egg in them and that is why they are foamy and soft in texture.
  • Flourless Cakes: These are cakes which have no flour at all in them. The lift to the cake is given by eggs only and the taste also is not affected.

Cakes are a must at every occasion these days. Even pets love to have their share but when pets eat sweet products much care is needed for them. Click here to find a variety of grooming tools for your lovely pet dog. Grooming your pet is a much-needed exercise that you should practice regularly. It helps in the physical and mental well-being of your dog. Remember, pets are happy when they bond well with their owners. Brushing on their fur, cleaning them, patting them, taking them for a walk or just sitting and cuddling them helps develop a bond of love and trust between you and your dog forever.

Brushing the dog automatically stimulates the natural oils, which help in giving his furry coat a healthy shine. Not only this, when the oils are stimulated by brushing the blood circulation in the body is improved as well. Nowadays, a variety of grooming brushes are available for dogs like slicker brushes for dogs with medium or long coats, bristle brush for dogs with short coats and smooth fur, rake for thick hair types, pin brush for normal hair types etc.

Grooming brushes are a must to have to make your canine feel loved and cared.…

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