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Increasing Bakery Sales

Owning a bakery is one thing, but getting the sales is something else. It can be tricky getting the expected sales if one doesn’t think outside the box and get innovative. In this article, we are going to take a look at some marketing tactics that one can use to increase the sales at a bakery.

Increasing Bakery Sales

Efficient Operations

The larger bakeries rake in most of the sales, but the good thing is that the bakeries which do mass production of pastries and bakeries are losing traction. The smaller ones are gaining mileage due to the fact that they easily adopt to new food trends. It is good for you to try out different pastries which are trending. Find out the ones which are selling the most from your collection and ensure that there is enough stock at all times. Ensure that the POS is well updated with any new products.


Once you have unique products which are of the highest quality, it is time to start promoting them. Make the most out of it or else people might never know of them. You can make effective marketing campaigns in different ways, and on different platforms. Find out what works best for you and go for it.

Treat Customers Nicely

Communication is key, and you should always treat your customers nicely. Figure out your regulars and what they usually go for. Get to know them better on personal levels. Create connections with them because believe me, they would rather drop in for a chat with their baker, than pick bread off the counter at some supermarket.

Care for Them

Make your customers feel welcome and appreciated by caring about their experience. They will even skip that lower priced bakery and come to yours just because you make them feel welcome. You’re your bakery accessible, putting things like ramps for things like strollers. Show them attention to detail by offering little things that other bakeries don’t offer. Have a bench where they can sit, a water dispenser to quench their thirst. These small things matter in making a customer feel welcome.

The Holidays are Coming

During the festive mood, people are usually ready to part with more money than usual so that they can feel better. Here you will see a spike in the profits, and that is why that is the right time to promote the bakery. Customize your pastry products according to the holidays.

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It is possible to market your bakery effectively using the tips above. For better management, you might want to consider the Prince2 Foundation services. …

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